Massage Services 

In addition to the relaxation massage, Comfort Zone’s therapists offer a variety of other massage modalities.  Each has a unique set of massage skills, training, and experience.  

You might consider therapeutic/deep tissue massage for specific concerns such as sciatica, TMJ, neck, shoulder, or back pain.   Deep tissue is sometimes misunderstood as a “beat you up” or “hurtful” therapy.   But you should not feel any uncomfortable pressure.   It really means having a trained therapist work muscle specific to your condition.

The term medical massage was born out of the public’s need for highly skilled, hands-on therapists in treating those with injuries and chronic pain and the benefit patients receive when medical massage therapists and doctors work together.  Massage therapists are not licensed to diagnose a condition, so it is necessary to have your physician diagnose and prescribe treatment.  Medical massage is useful in addressing conditions such as:

Facial/Skin Care Services

All facials cleanse, exfoliate, repair, and hydrate the skin.  Facial treatments remove surface debris, excess oils, and limit damage from free radicals that age the skin, leaving your face fresh and firm.  Ask about the Deep Pore Cleanse or the Anti-aging Facials that mat address specific concerns about your complexion.

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